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What is Y-System?

Y-system is a new way of dividing paddocks. With Y-system horse owners avoid having double fences between pastures (corridors), and thereby it reduces both labor costs and material costs while also heightening security. The saved space can be better uses for more or larger paddocks. A cost efficient solution. Avoid corridors and double fence between pastures

Avoid the extra work shoveling snow and clearing grass between pastures

Y-System prevents extra work for the horse owner or land owner, who constantly have to clear the grass that grows between the pastures in the summer. In winter, snow must be cleared in order to avoid short circuits or drained power in the electrical fences, reducing efficiency.

Lower material costs and heightened safety

With fewer corridors there are fewer posts, and shorter electric tapes with better power supply.
The improved power supply increases safety and reduces the risk of escape. Horses that escape and injure themselves or others can be a costly affair in veterinary fees and lost revenue.
Both the horseowner and the landowner can make better use of their land with Y-System, and instead use the space for more and / or larger paddocks.

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